Structual Analysis & Design

Inspection and condition and strength assessment of existing structural systems such as roofs, floors, walls, retaining walls, and foundations constructed of steel, wood, glued laminated timber, reinforced concrete, and reinforced concrete blocks and bricks. Design of retrofit solution for faiing systems and design of replacement solutions for failed systems.

Design of new structural facilities such as single story buildings, homes, and more.

Washington Park 800 Dock Additions

This project involved the construction of a 450-foot long steel pile-supported, pre-cast concrete deck on steel beam luxury dock. It included cable TV, telephone, electrical and water hookups for each of the 54 slips, which are 35- and 40-feet long.

Washington Park Zoo Observation Tower Rehabilitation

Washington Park Zoo was started in 1925, and the Observation Tower was built in the mid-1930s. The Tower is one of the Zoo's buildings that is on the National Register of Historic Places.