Haas & Associates is comprised of experienced, highly qualified people of diverse backgrounds and expertise. Our licensed professional engineers have decades of experience and are supported by a design team of college graduates in the fields of civil engineering and architecture and by highly certified technicians.

We use state-of-the-art software and technology to accomplish modern designs, as well as satisfy strict regulatory guidelines. Our down-to-earth personalities help us convey and explain complex civil engineering ideas and methodologies to people of all backgrounds, helping you feel comfortable and well informed throughout the entire design and construction process.

Timothy J. Haas, P.E.
James H. Maurer, P.E.
Senior Project Manager
Ryan P. Laughlin, P.E.
Project Manager
Samuel Ozeh, P.E.
Project Engineer
Kenneth J. Kraus
Senior Design Engineer
Kathy Sass
Office Administrator
Dawn Milosevich
Administrative Assistant