Private Developers

Private developers usually start with completely undeveloped land when they begin a project. Haas & Associates works with developers from the very beginning to help them through the many challenges, such as topography, costs, and permitting, that are related to development.

Often, the land that is intended to be developed is not suitable for a particular layout, so the layout must be rearranged to fit the land. It is common for a client’s objectives to change and require new or alternative designs.

With state-of-the-art technology and years of experience, Haas & Associates can make design changes quickly and flexibly to satisfy the evolving needs of a developer. By taking a holistic approach and using a single design consultant, problems during construction are minimized, and schedules and milestones are met.

Services: Water Resources, Land Development, Highways & Roads, Sports & Recreation Facilities, Construction Administration, Topographic Surveying