Q: What is municipal engineering?
A: Municipal engineering provides engineering services to local government agencies, including cities, towns, and townships. One of the prime areas of focus for Haas & Associates is municipal engineering. With extensive experience in design and planning for water, wastewater, roads, parks, drainage, and more, as well as experience acting as a Town or District Engineer for various area municipalities, Haas & Associates is a proven leader in municipal engineering.
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Q:What does a civil engineer do?
A: Civil engineers plan, design, and direct the construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, pipelines, subdivisions, wastewater systems, and many other types of facilities. They may work in a specific field, such as construction, land development, structural or hydraulic design, soil mechanics, wastewater treatment, or solid waste management. They may also work with specialists on general problems, such as soil or groundwater contamination or energy development and conservation.
Civil engineers may design the main features of a project, then direct the work of drawing plans, writing specifications and preparing final cost estimates. They may prepare deeds, property descriptions, and right-of-way maps.
In the field, they usually do surveying, site investigation, or construction inspection or supervision. They may also sample and test soil or construction materials in the laboratory or the field.
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Q:What services do you offer?
A: As consulting engineers, our services vary depending on our client's needs. We offer comprehensive engineering services, which include:
  • Water Resources
  • Land Development
  • Highways & Roads
  • Sports & Recreation Facilities
  • Construction Administration
  • Alternatives Analysis, Feasibility Studies, & Master Plans
  • Structural Analysis & Design
  • Topographic Surveying
  • Scanning & Indexing
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Q:What is the “scanning and indexing” service that you offer?
A: Haas & Associates also offers comprehensive scanning and indexing services, in which our professionals come to your location to scan a variety of types and sizes of original documents using our state-of-the-art scanning equipment. We then deliver a database of your documents to you, which enables you to quickly and easily access any of your scanned images with just the click of a mouse.
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Q:Where can I find information related to some of the projects you have completed?
A: Our comprehensive Project Portfolio section features information on many of our projects - both completed and in progress. Whether it’s for water distribution, underground storage tank remediation, residential and commercial development and planning, wastewater distribution, sidewalks, parks, roadways, marinas/docks, or more, our Project Portfolio section will provide you with a good overview of our work and experience.
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Q:How does your process work?
A: Defining each client’s unique and specific project needs is the cornerstone to beginning any of our engineering projects correctly. Our team of professional engineers is fully supported by a group of knowledgeable technicians and support staff that's ready and able to assist on any project.
As the requirements for each project are unique, our process for working with each client is equally unique – there is truly no single “standard” process for working with our clients. We take the time to understand the nature of each project, along with the overall project objectives, the environment, and the people we are working with to ensure a successful outcome of each and every assignment.
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Q:Where are you located?
A: We are located in Michigan City, Indiana, in the northern part of the state, right on the southern shore of Lake Michigan. Easily accessible from I-94, the Indiana Toll Road, U.S. Highways 421, 20, and 12, Haas & Associates serves customers throughout the state.
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