Highway, Street, & Road Design

2005 Street Resurfacing/Improvements Project - Town of Porter, Indiana

This project included street resurfacing and the improvement of various streets in the Town of Porter, Indiana.

Lake Shore Drive Improvements Project - Michigan City, Indiana

This project includes improvements to Lake Shore Drive from the Franklin Street Bridge to the intersection of Krueger Avenue and the Fedder’s Alley exit driveway, which is approximately 3,400 centerline feet. The project consists of milling and replacing the pavement; lowering the road grade for sight distance safety improvements; realigning the pavement to gain clearance between the south edge of the street pavement and the existing retaining wall; removing and replacing existing concrete curbs and gutters and constructing new concrete curbs and gutters where none exist; removing and replacing sidewalk where necessary; surfacing water drainage improvements; creating pavement markings; and adding center median improvements to Franklin Street between the Bridge and City Hall.

La Porte County Road Rehabilitation Project- 2001

Funded in part (80 percent) through the Federal Highway Administration's Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA 21), this project included the rehabilitation and resurfacing of 8.26 km (5.13 miles) of county roads. The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) was the reviewing agency on behalf of the Federal Highway Administration.

Coolspring Avenue Reconstruction - Michigan City, Indiana, 1999

This project included the complete reconstruction of 2,100 feet of a residential collector street. The existing 25-foot asphalt over concrete road was demolished, and storm sewers and sanitary sewers were installed. The sub-base was regraded for proper drainage, and a new 44-foot wide street section was constructed. The project also included substantial utility relocation; improved and wider intersections, curbs, gutters, and sidewalks; and pavement marking.

Wabash Street Reconstruction - Michigan City, Indiana, 1998

This project included the complete reconstruction of 3,250 feet of residential collector street. The existing 24-foot wide road was demolished, and storm sewer, sanitary sewer, gas main and telephone duct installation and relocation was completed.

The intersections were revised with safety improvements, and the road grade was changed significantly for drainage improvements. The new 27-foot road section, including 6-inch curbs, driveway aprons, sidewalks, and handicap ramps, was completed. The project also included retaining wall construction, pavement marking and easement acquisition.