Engineering Consulting

Haas & Associates provides Preliminary Engineering Reports (as defined by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management) necessary for the procurement of State Revolving Fund financing. These reports allow municipalities to investigate alternatives, feasibility, costs and environmental concerns for infrastructure systems

(i.e., for drinking water, sewer, etc.). We also provide studies involving topographical surveys for developing a master plan exhibit, as well as cost estimates for proposed municipal improvements.

Valparaiso Lakes Area Conservancy District - Present

South Coast Conservancy District - Present

Town Engineer - Town of St. John, Indiana, Present

Town Engineer - Town of Porter, Indiana, Present

We have been the Town Engineer for the Town of Porter, Indiana, since 2001. Our duties include the technical review of plans and plats for subdivisions, the recommendation and design of solutions to drainage and sanitary problems, the recommendation of street improvements and miscellaneous engineering projects. We have been involved in the planning, designing and constructing of Orchard Pedestrian Way, a 1.5 mile pedestrian trail. We are currently in the process of writing Construction and Design Standards for the Town.

Water System Study - Town of Beverly Shores, Indiana, 2001

The purpose of this Preliminary Engineering Report (as defined by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management for the State Revolving Fund loan program) was to investigate the alternatives, feasibility, costs and environmental concerns of constructing a public drinking water system within the Town of Beverly Shores. Two potential sources of water were examined in detail: Indiana American Water Company and Michigan City Department of Water Works. As of June 26, 2001, the study was 80 percent complete and negotiations with the two potential suppliers were underway.

Woodlawn Avenue, West Side Sanitary Sewer Project - Michigan City, Indiana, 2000

This Engineering Study and Report considered the feasibility of extending sanitary sewer service to the west side of Michigan City. It included the analysis of several alternatives and the consideration of providing sewer service to neighboring communities and nearby areas. The results of the study were used as a basis for designing a $2,000,000 sanitary sewer system, water main system and road construction project, which was constructed in 2000-2001.

Lake Dalecarlia Regional Waste District Expansion Study - Lake County, Indiana, 1999

This Preliminary Engineering Report considered alternatives to and costs of providing sanitary sewer service to an area that the Regional Waste District had recently annexed. The report was deemed necessary by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management for the procurement of State Revolving Fund financing.

Hawthorne Park Baseball Field Study - Porter, Indiana, 1998

This study involved a topographic survey of the baseball park and the development of a master plan exhibit and a cost estimate for the proposed improvements. This information was used for a grant application.

Plan Commission Engineer - La Porte County, Indiana

Haas & Associates has provided services to the La Porte County Plan Commission. Our duties included technically reviewing the engineering plans and plats for proposed subdivisions, providing expert advice concerning the construction of the subdivision infrastructure, inspecting subdivision construction when requested, and making recommendations and providing designs for various departments within the county.