Water Resources

Planning, design, and permitting of potable water transmission mains, pumping stations, treatment facilities, water storage tanks, and other distribution systems.

Planning, design, and permitting of stormwater drainage systems such as sewers, culverts, detentionbasins, infiltration basins, and underground storage tanks, as well as EPA Best Management Practices (BMPs) such as bioswales and rain gardens.

Planning, design, and permitting of sanitary sewers, pumping stations, and treatment facilities.

Indiana State Prison Sanitary Sewer Flow Screening and Metering Improvements, Michigan City Sanitary District

Construction of a new bar screen building and rerouting of existing sanitary sewer to and from the new building.


Harrison/Hoyt Storm Sewer Separation, Michigan City

This project consisted of the construction of a new storm sewer system in an area previously served by combined sewers. The storm flow was separated from the combined sewer, reducing both the risk of combined sewer overflows and the cost of wastewater treatment.


Wabash - Washington Sewer Separation Project

The second phase of this extensive sewer separation project has been substantially completed. The entire project involved complete reconstruction and rehabilitation of storm and sanitary sewers along Wabash and Washington streets in Michigan City, as well as sewer rehabilitation work on surrounding streets.


Indian Springs Wastewater Systems Project

This project rerouted the Indian Springs Subdivision wastewater flow from the subdivision’s existing wastewater treatment plant to the Sanitary District of Michigan City's wastewater collection system. Also, this project addressed the following areas with no existing wastewater collection facilities


Town of Long Beach Water Systems Improvements

This was an emergency project for the Town of Long Beach to replace a filled lake water intake system. Haas & Associates was able to form a quick response team and replace the failed intake system with a connection to a Michigan City Department of Water Works water main.


Michigan City Zoological Gardens - Watermain Extension

This project included the installation of 1,400 feet of water main in a very sensitive zoo area. Special project requirements required that the existing Works Project Administration (WPA) structures be left undisturbed, so most of the water main was installed by horizontal directional drilling rather than conventional open cut methods.


Town of Pines Water Distribution System

This project included the construction of water mains through the Town of Pines as mandated by the EPA as part of a settlement agreement. An extremely tight schedule was placed on the project, and Haas & Associates was able to complete the design within three months, allowing for a successful, timely start to the construction.


Town of Long Beach Water Project

This project consists of replacing 35,050 feet of existing water mains with 8-inch and 6-inch water mains. These mains will be located throughout the Town of Long Beach and will comprise approximately 42 percent of the Town’s water distribution system.


Purdue University North Central Water Utility Connectnion

This is a three-part project designed for the South Coast Conservancy District. It consists of the installation of more than 1,000 linear feet of water main, piping revisions inside the Purdue University North Central boiler house, and well pump and motor replacement.


Town of Beverly Shores Water Distribution System


This project is anticipated to be performed and substantially completed in 2005. It includes an extension of a Michigan City Department of Water Works water main on U.S. 12 through the Town of Beverly Shores.