As cities age and populations grow, the demand for reliable and responsive infrastructure grows as well. At the same time, the existing infrastructure ages and degrades, causing detrimental effects to existing developments and economy, while hindering a city’s ability to expand.

We work for municipalities to solve the following typical municipal infrastructure problems:

  • Expanding city limits requires a wider water distribution network
  • Old sewers crack and cause groundwater infiltration, which leads to increased treatment costs and, eventually, collapse and sewer overflows
  • Sewers experience increased demand, then surcharge and flood as a result
  • Undersized or neglected storm control structures fail and lead to flooding
  • Roads crack and ravel, leading to potholes and the undermining of base support
  • Communities grow and require larger, safer, and more convenient roads and intersections
  • Pumping stations experience increased demand and require sustained maintenance and support during rain events and high use

We also help municipalities plan for the future by assessing their current systems and recommending future projects.

Services: Water Resources, Land Development, Highways & Roads, Sports & Recreation Facilities, Construction Administration, Alternatives Analysis, Feasibility Studies & Master Plans, Topographic Surveying, Scanning & Indexing