Indiana State Prison Sanitary Sewer Flow Screening and Metering Improvements, Michigan City Sanitary District

Construction of a new bar screen building and rerouting of existing sanitary sewer to and from the new building.

The new building size is 34 ft. in length by 18 ft. in width with a reinforced concrete “sub-structure” that is 11.67 ft. deep and a 12 ft. high “super-structure” consisting of decorative concrete block walls and precast concrete roof panels with roof membrane. The new building has two separate rooms, one for two bar screens and their screenings washer compactors and storage containers and one for the electrical and control equipment. The rerouting of existing sewers involves 220 ft. of 30 in. diameter reinforced concrete sewer pipe and 6 precast concrete manhole structures. The project also includes 25 ft. of 10 in. and 12 in. diameter PVC sewer pipe and 3 new precast concrete manhole structures in a separate location for the new bar screen building.

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